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Where LGBTQ+ Professionals Flourish

The go-to networking hub for LGBTQ professionals and allies in the UK’s real estate industry. Bursting with exclusive member-only events, mentorship, and support for professional development.

Amplify your career growth with access to downloadable resources and connect with like-minded individuals who share common goals and values. Become a part of our thriving community and celebrate the diversity within the real estate realm.

What we offer


Exclusive events

Network and grow with our member-only gatherings.


Mentorship opportunities

Learn from LBGTQ+ real estate leaders.

Employer Engagement


We help employers to embrace diversity and build a future where everyone thrives in the workplace.

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16 November, 2023

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Why Freehold?

Supportive Network

Our community thrives on mutual encouragement and growth.

Networking Events

Connect with fellow professionals in a safe space.

Professional Development

Access exclusive resources to boost your career.

Inclusion & Diversity

Celebrate and embrace all identities in real estate industry.

Mentorship Opportunities

Learn from LBGTQ+ real estate leaders.

Empowering Partnerships

Form powerful connections and collaborations.

An industry first for real estate professionals

Since its official launch in September 2011, the group has grown to over 1300 members and continues to expand.

Freehold is a network set up exclusively for the real estate industry and its members include surveyors, asset managers, architects, developers, investors, accountants, planners, marketing professionals, property managers and property lawyers from both the public and private sector.

“Freehold has been an essential catalyst for my career growth in the real estate industry”

Building inclusive connections

Freehold stands at the forefront of change in the real estate industry. Our ever-growing community connects professionals with valuable resources designed to foster personal and professional growth. We believe that unity is the pillar of success, and we encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences amongst our members.

To break barriers and build a more accepting future, we equip our members with the strategies and tools they need to nurture a more inclusive work environment.