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Mentoring Scheme

Set up in 2013 the Freehold Mentoring Scheme was created to provide support to our members and aide their profession development.

Mentoring can take many different forms but at its heart it’s simply about striking up a confidential developmental relationship between two people which is focused on one of them: the mentee. This can be formal or informal in nature and involves a positive discussion about personal, professional or career development.

Typically (but not exclusively), mentoring involves having access to a mentor who is someone more experienced than yourself or who has relevant knowledge to share – and whose skills, knowledge and personal insight can be tapped to help you develop your career or discuss any LGBT+ workplace issues.

Our mentors come from a wide range of backgrounds, ranging from architects, surveyors, lawyers and those in property management. The mentors also have a wide age group with different levels of experience in the property industry.

If you would like to participate in the mentoring scheme as a mentee, or would just like a confidential discussion about what it could involve, then please contact us at