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Explore the latest insights, updates, and perspectives in the world of LGBTQ+ professionals in the real estate industry. Here, you’ll find a curated blend of articles authored by the Freehold Team.
30 May, 2024

Freehold Networking with Gerald Eve

LandAid Sleepout 2024

16 November, 2023

The Impact of Section 28 on the Lives of the LGBTQ+ Community: Shaping Public Places, Shaping Public Discourse

29 November, 2023

Freehold and Cushman & Wakefield MAPIC 2023 Reception

28 September, 2023

LendInvest Networking Event

5 October, 2023

Parenting Panel Event

Freehold appoints four new board members

Freehold founders David Mann and Saleem Fazal named in King’s New Year Honours List  – Freehold LGBT+

National Coming Out Day

Freehold ‘on tour’

‘Can we even name ten openly gay professional sportspeople?’

LandAid SleepOut 2022

International Women’s Day 2022

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

Celebrating LGBT+ History Month

Change in Leadership of Freehold

Supporting LGBT+ staff in the wake of cancelled London Pride

Freehold 10

Lesbian Visibility Day – Where are all the lesbians?

What LGBTQ+ history can teach us in modern times?

The Future is a Digital Twin

Welcome to our new Board members

Some (coronavirus) positive words…….

Joining the property industry as an LGBT+ graduate

Have your say: LGBTQ+ in real estate 2021

Networks Against Homelessness

Creating more inclusive cultures

Simon Hamilton asks “where is everyone?”

Thoughts from the Board – Ollie Saunders

Pride goes virtual