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Set up in 2013, the Freehold Mentoring Scheme was created to provide support to our members and aide their profession development.

Mentoring can take many different forms but at its heart it’s simply about striking up a confidential developmental relationship between two people which is focused on one of them: the mentee. This can be formal or informal in nature and involves a positive discussion about personal, professional or career development.

The aim of Freehold mentoring is to support our members where possible regardless of the stage of their career or to support them on their LGBTQ+ journey. All Freehold mentors are also members of Freehold and they all go through training to aid the mentoring process. The Freehold mentoring team will pair up mentees with mentors and undertake check-ins to see how the mentoring is progressing, however it’s down to mentors and mentees to make the most of the initiative.

How you could benefit from mentoring

Mentoring can benefit both parties. Mentors can put their experience and knowledge to good use, give back to the community and, depending on their own needs, become mentees as well. Mentors can help multiple mentees, allowing them to develop themselves and others in different areas.

Mentees can benefit from receiving advice, guidance and support from a member of the LGBTQ+ community, meaning that a mentor could potentially have a much better understanding of their position and requirements.

Trained Mentors

All Freehold mentors go through training. All Freehold mentors are also members of Freehold.

Pairing based on mentoring needs

We ask mentees what areas they would like to be mentored on. Then we pair them with relevant mentor based on their requirements.

LGBTQ+ Support

As our mentors are also members of Freehold, they will have a good understanding of LGBTQ+ matters.


Mentoring can cover various topics from LGBTQ+ world, for example coming out. Mentoring is a confidential process between a mentee and mentor.

If you are already a member and would like to participate, or you would like a confidential discussion about what it could involve, then please contact us.

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